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Obi-wan has terrible timing

I feel like its pretty self-explanatory. BUT for those of you who don’t under stand…

Lemme explain.

So, in Revenge of the Sith when Padme went to Mustafar, to see if Anakin was ok. She was doing great UNTIL Obi-wan decided to be stupid and step off the ship, which ultimately angered Anakin into force choking and nearly killing his wife.

Ahem.Talk about bad timing. 🙂

Image result for pics of obi-wan coming off the ship on mustafar

Image result for pics of obi-wan coming off the ship on mustafar


Image result for pics of captain rex


We all know that Rex is bae. ❤ But he never got to be ranked the title of commander, which is the highest rank a clone can hold. And I think that we can all agree that he deserved it. Even after Ahsoka left, he was never promoted. Maybe ‘Captain’ Rex just sounded catchier then ‘Commander’ Rex, or just that Anakin was lazy and never bothered, or the writers of Star Wars the clone wars never intended for Rex to get the title of Commander. But it just means that the 501st legion had no commander.